trouble maker
Apr 19,2014
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Apr 19,2014
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Iggy Azalea for Billboard Magazine.

Apr 19,2014
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Apr 18,2014
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I’m sure there aren’t many idols who could play this character like Hyuna did on Trouble Maker. She makes it feel like it’s natural. Her stare is something inexplicable, her body is perfect and her sexy moves are amazing. The way she acts on stage can make you want to watch ‘till the end. You can’t scape from Hyuna’s charisma. 

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Apr 18,2014
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favorite chen moments shit chen says in showtime { i; ii }
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Apr 18,2014
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Sebastian Stan photographed by Santiago Sierra 

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Apr 18,2014
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Andrew Garfield for Punchdrunk’s show, The Drowned Man (London, April 2014)

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Apr 18,2014
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the best of @tristanmaack.

Apr 18,2014
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It clearly says on her Wikipedia page she dropped out of high school and she hasn’t finished her album so, I don’t know when she’s going to have time to do all that.

Didn’t finish high school. Didn’t finish her album. Does this bitch finish anything?

she finished her career in music

Apr 17,2014
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